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Metal catalyzers processing
Comprehensive package of services - weighing, grinding, material pricing. We have specialised equipment at our disposal.
Lambda sensors processing
We purchase faulty sensors that measure the oxygen content of exhaust gases from various types of vehicles. We guarantee high quality service.
Our  services
Electronic scrap processing
Recovery of high-minded metals from contactors and computer processors, audiovisual equipment and telephones.
Demolition, grinding, catalyzers analysis
All of this in one place and in a short time. Use our services to get a good price for the material delivered.
Ceramic analysis
Tools such as the Retsch monolithic vibrating mill, the HexagonAlphie mixer, the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and other sensitive devices allow accurate measurement of high-minded metal content in monolithic ceramics.
Catalyzers pricing
On the basis of the analysis of the results obtained, our experienced laboratory workers carry out an assessment of the content of the ore and evaluate its value. The pricing prepared for the customer depends on the amount of palladium, platinum and rhodium recovered in monolith. And the value of the used catalyzer itself is assessed on the basis of current rates for the above high-minded metals.

Catalyzers purchase

On-line purchase is a convenient and quick way to get rid of the catalyst. Just contact an employee of our company by e-mail or phone and enter the catalyzer numbers. On this basis, the team prepares a quotation and the customer decides whether he prefers to deliver the device himself or use courier services.

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Our  services
Catalyzers analysis
Our laboratory

Katalizatory.PRO company has a professional laboratory equipped with modern machines facilitating the process of precise catalyzers analysis. The laboratory employs experienced specialists who scrupulously assess the content of high-minded metals.

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